Sloth: Advanced Cloudflare Worker code generator & manager

How does Sloth work?

Sloth currently utilises Cloudflare Workers, along with Cloudflare’s expansive network of global data centres, which provide a new solution to both a number of common and complex problems faced by digital marketers and SEOs.


Update September 2019

We are currently working on expanding Sloth's code generation capabilities to include the soon to be released Akamai Edge Workers. Please keep an eye out for future product information.


The idea for Sloth was born out of the needs of two enterprise clients, both with platform and development restrictions – preventing them from achieving what they were trying to do.

Our research behind using Cloudflare Workers to implement technical SEO fixes on the edge won the inaugural TechSEO Boost Call for Research competition, backed by Moz. Our research also formed the basis of our talk at the conference, which formally introduced the concept of Edge SEO to the world in November 2018.

What can I do with Sloth?

The active version of Sloth is v1.2, through the current user interface you can generate self-sufficient worker bundles to:

Future & upcoming feature releases

During our successful Alpha testing phase, and general feedback/discussions around existing issues and problems that edge SEO can potentially overcome, we are developing Sloth generators for numerous other features.

We currently have the following in Beta, and would love you to get in touch to trial:

  • Pre-rendering JavaScript in a more cost effective manner (in Beta, get in touch to trial)

How much does Sloth cost?

One question we've been asked during our testing phases is where is our pricing page, simple answer - we don't have one. Sloth is a free edge SEO tool, designed to make Cloudflare Workers and other serverless application technologies accessible for everyone, regardless of ability to write code.

How to use the Sloth Edge SEO Tool

In order to use Sloth, you will need a Cloudflare account. Depending on your requirements, they range from free, to custom enterprise plans.

Once you’ve registered with Cloudflare, you will need to change your website’s nameservers to Cloudflare’s.

Once propagated, you will need to enable Cloudflare Workers. Pricing for Cloudflare Workers starts at $5/pm for 10-million requests, with each additional 1-million requests costing ,50c thereafter.

While using Sloth, you have two methods of deploying your Sloth code to your Cloudflare edge server. You can either:

  1. Copy and paste the code manually from Sloth into Cloudflare, or,
  2. Enter your Cloudflare account email and your Cloudflare API key. From there, it takes only one click to deploy.

What is Edge SEO?

Edge SEO means implementing SEO recommendations and technical fixes on a CDN edge server.

On any network layout, a number of devices will interconnect using one or more predefined network patters, and if a network wants to connect to another network (or to the internet), it requires some form of bridge in order to allow traffic flow.

By pairing with Cloudflare’s existing technologies, and using its global CDN, through Sloth, you can configure self-sufficient Cloudflare Worker bundles without touching the underlying code of a website.

As more CDNs allow similar technologies, the field of Edge SEO shall continue to grow and develop - as will the Sloth tool.